Enter The Birdhouse, A Recent Marvel Of Creativity And Fun!

The Birdhouse Treehouse, as it has been named, sits in an idyllic woodland clearing in Somerset, England.  As you enter through the gate, it is beyond the yurts in a fantastic storybook retreat. The rental cottage manages to captivate the beholder with it’s rustic blend of nearby live timbers that blend with the natural log vertical support beams and log handrails.  The positioning of stacked wood below the front of the home gives one the realization that there isn’t a difference between the materials used to construct the place and those used to warm it.

Although called a treehouse, the cottage isn’t actually supported by the surrounding trees and it is much closer to the forest floor than the treetops. However the “birdhouse” label is quite apt if you imagine the round window as the entrance opening to an oversized birdbox.

Enjoy the presentation video, flip through the photos, grab a cup of coffee and sit to enjoy a moment with your handy screen.  Then gain some ideas, recharge your dreams and your visions, and prepare to set upon your  sublime  journey.

The birdhouse is available to rent.  Follow the source link here:  theyurtretreat with special attribution credit to smallhousebliss.com