Man And His Bride Built This Cabin Dream Together In Six Weeks: A Debt Free Life

Dave Herrle from Westbrook, Connecticut built his wife an amazing tree cabin in the woods. What a romantic gesture! The couple is trying to live a sustainable way of life, so Dave used recycled materials in its’ construction. The cabin’s size is 11×14 feet.  It comes with a sleeping loft and a porch and in total, cost less than  $4000. He constructed the home in only 6 weeks and the results are stunning, but the value of being debt free to continue to save for the future is priceless!  There is a kerosine heater that warms the space, and a composting toilet, so no septic is needed.  One could say that $4000 was spent to be close to the trees, while most home builders spend that much clearing them out of the way.  Feel free to browse the photos, or hang around for the video clip on the last page.

When the cabin was completed, Dave’s cabin photos went viral around the world on the Living off the Grid Facebook page, and suddenly, he was catapaulted forward into business for himself in construction.

If you need something beautiful built, contact:  Herrle Custom Carpentry Facebook page
All photos by Sarah Grote